Vale - Luke Evans

At the end of last month the Penrith Referees’ Association was deeply saddened by the passing of its 37th Life Member, Mr Luke Evans.

Luke first joined the Association as a Junior Member in 1981 and became a Senior member in 1984 through until 1992. After a short time away, Luke returned to the Association in 1998 and served with distinction as one our most valued contributors for the next 20 years.

In his time with the Association Luke served as the Treasurer, Sunday Coordinator and was a member of the Board of Management. He also spent time as the Social Secretary, as a Coaching Director and as an Internal Auditor. Luke served on a number of committees, which included the Social Committee, the Merit Award Committee, the Appointments Board and the Life Membership Committee.

In 2008, Luke was the recipient of the Association’s most prestigious honour when he was awarded Life Membership for his meritorious service and dedication to the Association and its members over such a long period of time.

Luke will rightly be remembered as someone who was always ready to put his hand up and help out in any way he could. He formed many lasting friendships through his involvement with refereeing and was a worthy Ambassador for our Association both on and off the field. 

On Friday, 4 August 2017, a large number of past and present members of the Association were in attendance at St Patricks Church in Blacktown to farewell Luke. That weekend members wore black armbands across all Penrith Junior League Fixtures in his honour. A minutes silence was also observed at a number of grounds.

Luke is survived by his wife Joanne and children Ignatius and Elise who are both members of our Association. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family at this difficult time.

The Penrith Referees’ Association thanks Luke for his service and friendship to so many and the incredible contribution he made. May he rest in peace.

Luke Evans: 26 July 1965 – 31 July 2017