Nominations Open For Bob Kandelas Award

With just under six weeks to go until the 2014 Life Members and Presentation evening, nominations have now opened for one of the Association's most prestigious annual awards.

Bob Kandelas was made a life member of the Association in 1975. He was also the inaugural winner of the Jack Harris Merit Award in 1972. The members, in memory of Bob Kandelas and all that he stood for within the Refereeing fraternity, vote upon the Referee’s Referee Award. The Award is given to the member for total achievement as a Referee encompassing not only on field performances but also other criteria such as meeting attendance and participation at training.

The list of past winners is as follows:

1908 Barry Izzard 1992 1992 Ray Steele 2004 2004 Jay Farlow
1981 Len Davis 1993 Steve McFarlane 2005 Grant Atkins
1982 Keith Hogan 1994 Steve McFarlane 2006 Daniel Olford
1983 Peter Filmer 1995 Aaron Jones 2007 Daniel Olford
1984 Kevin Russell 1996 Jason Robinson 2008 Lawrence McDonnell
1985 Michael Quinn 1997 Jason Robinson 2009 Mark Bohan
1986 Tony Butler 1998 Peter Sciberras 2010 James Davidson
1987 Gary Haines 1999 Jennifer Robinson 2011 Mark Bohan
1988 Tom Peet 2000 Fred Lucas 2012 Rohan Best
1989 Tom Peet 2001 Fred Lucas 2013 Cameron Turner
1990 Graeme Priest 2002 Greg Yates
1991 Ken Evans 2003 Jay Farlow

This will be one of a number of awards presented on at Panthers World of Entertainment on Saturday, 04 October 2014. Members are encouraged to come and enjoy what should be a memorable evening.